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Do parents force their children to undergo SOCE therapy?

Do parents force their children to undergo heterosexual-affirming therapy? Some anti-ex-gay activists have made accusations that… …parents have forced their homosexual children to undergo SOCE interventions, which include camps that rely on aversive (i.e., electroshock) methods for conversion. Such claims are absolute myths and have been investigated and disproven, yet nonetheless are used as scare tactics to encourage legislators to pass bans on heterosexual-affirming therapy while allowing gay-affirming therapy to be practiced. Legislation to ban SOCE therapy threatens constituents’ constitutional

Former Child Transgender Speaks

Walt Heyer is a “former child transgender” who’s advice for parents requires parents to have the freedom to act in their child’s best interest. This quote from his article on the Illinois Family Institute website is powerful: “Without effective psychiatric intervention or sound psychotherapy for the underlying depression, the risk of suicide will remain high. As a parent, it is important to look for depression and treat it if it is present. “Your child needs psychiatric or psychological help, not

“HRC” using innocent, sexually confused children as pawns in their political agenda!

The following is an intriguing challenge for “human rights” advocates to show just a little compassion for the rights of children who have been abused… by them! November 21, 2014 CONTACT Christopher Doyle, President Voice of the Voiceless 571-379-4546 Ex-Gays Call on World’s Largest Gay Activist Organization to Fund Reparative Therapy for their Pedophile Founder and His 15 year-Old Victim                                               Washington, D.C. – Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has been one of the most outspoken proponents in the effort

Let’s not play “Catch Up” with these guys AGAIN!

Here they come again! For years now there has been a steady drum beat to decriminalize and normalize people who want to have sex with your children! This article shows just how many people are behind this, how organized they are, how well-funded they are and how dedicated they are to their cause! And they will not go away… ever!   And where are conservatives on this? Must we wait for liberal judges to change the law for us or for Democrats to