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The Importance of Civility

This quote calls to mind the courage that is needed in a ”Pro-Family” group. This is from the Honorable Clarence Thomas (Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) in a speech on Feb. 2001. After discussing the critical importance of civility, he adds: “Again, by yielding to a false form of civility, we sometimes allow our critics to intimidate us. As I have said, active citizens are often subjected to truly vile attacks. They are branded as mean-spirited, racist, Uncle Tom, homophobic,

Personal Support for SOCE

“PROTECTION FROM CONVERSION THERAPY ACT” (SF1213) was introduced in the Minnesota State Senate again this 2015 session. This is a bill that would outlaw “Sexual Orientation Change Therapy” (SOCE) in Minnesota. Even though SOCE is supported by groups like the Catholic Medical Association and the American College of Pediatricians, the stated reason for banning this therapy for people with UNWANTED same-sex attractions is because they believe this therapy is a “discredited practice” and that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) condemns it. For

Do parents force their children to undergo SOCE therapy?

Do parents force their children to undergo heterosexual-affirming therapy? Some anti-ex-gay activists have made accusations that… …parents have forced their homosexual children to undergo SOCE interventions, which include camps that rely on aversive (i.e., electroshock) methods for conversion. Such claims are absolute myths and have been investigated and disproven, yet nonetheless are used as scare tactics to encourage legislators to pass bans on heterosexual-affirming therapy while allowing gay-affirming therapy to be practiced. Legislation to ban SOCE therapy threatens constituents’ constitutional

Former Child Transgender Speaks

Walt Heyer is a “former child transgender” who’s advice for parents requires parents to have the freedom to act in their child’s best interest. This quote from his article on the Illinois Family Institute website is powerful: “Without effective psychiatric intervention or sound psychotherapy for the underlying depression, the risk of suicide will remain high. As a parent, it is important to look for depression and treat it if it is present. “Your child needs psychiatric or psychological help, not